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About Us

equilateral_buildingEquilateral Technologies develops and markets software tools for the planning and optimization of commercial and military wireless networks. We also provide network planning and engineering services to the wireless telecommunications industry worldwide.

Equilateral’s products and services are used with great success by many different types of wireless operators in the US and abroad. Sample applications include design and optimization of large scale cellular systems and nationwide air-to-ground networks. In addition, our spectrum management tools are being integrated into tactical software platforms for the United States Army’s WIN-T project. The engineering services we provide include consulting in the areas of customized software development, scientific visualization, geographical information systems, and mathematical analysis with an emphasis on network optimization.

Our staff consists of scientists and engineers who have been involved in the design, development, and deployment of complex wireless networks for over a decade. The Equilateral staff has developed key technological advances that have led to numerous patents in the area of wireless network optimization. They have published extensively in refereed journals and are visible participants in wireless technology conferences.

Equilateral Technologies prides itself on listening to and fulfilling its commitments to customers. We focus on meeting our customers’ expectations for quality, cost, schedule, and technical performance. Our mission is to be the leader in customer satisfaction for wireless engineering services and wireless telecommunications optimization software, both in the US and abroad.