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Equilateral® Engineering Services – Wireless Network Engineering

We consult in a number of areas including:

  • Network retunes
  • Migration to new technologies
  • Tuning of models and algorithms
  • Measurement campaigns
  • Capital cost projections
  • Green field deployment

Our goal is to help you design and run networks that are cost effective, while still maintaining the highest possible level of quality. This goal is reflected in our approach, which involves:

  • Understanding your unique set of requirements.
  • Using state-of-the-art planning/optimization tools.
  • Tailoring our approach to meet your goals.
  • Assigning experienced engineers familiar with all aspects of wireless network engineering.

In addition to consulting, we also provide introductory and advanced training in many areas of wireless communications.

Equilateral’s dedicated team of experienced propagation, communications, and software professionals supports the continual evolution of our optimization systems and methodologies, providing engineering services in all aspects of wireless technology. Our staff has extensive experience in the deployment of new wireless technologies. We have been providing technical support to some of the largest wireless operators in North and South America.