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Broadband-eQ is a true network optimization tool that helps you design, manage, and optimize wireless systems delivering voice and data. The technology used in Broadband is based on years of research and development of sophisticated optimization models in a realistic physical environment.

If you are looking for a more basic network planning, primarily for RF propagation prediction and coverage visualization, please refer to our TxView web page.

Summary of Broadband-eQ’s technical strengths:

  • Radio propagation analysis
  • Loop qualification
  • Automated frequency allocation
  • Capacity and coverage
  • Interference mitigation
  • Throughput and grade of service analysis
  • Analysis of networks running multiple technologies
  • Migration to next generation technologies


A True Network Optimization Tool

Existing networking tools can be grouped into two general categories:
Network Planning Tools – Network planning tools include basic capabilities such as propagation analysis, regulatory contours, and some rudimentary optimization. With these tools, planning decisions are made by the engineers using the tools calculated output.

Network Optimization Tools – Network optimization tools contain all the features of the network planning tools, but they also provide true optimization capabilities such as frequency allocation and determination of optimum network parameters (preferably in multi-mode networks).

These tools perform complex optimization decisions and produce implementation-ready network settings that require little or no human intervention.

Broadband-eQ is a true network optimization tool. Broadband-eQs predictive results have been checked by physical measurements in the field in a wide range of wireless markets, and benchmarked against many competitive products.


At the center of Broadband-eQ is an accurate propagation prediction model. This propagation model has been developed for use in general mixed environments, which may include paths over flat and rugged terrain, with or without foliage, water bodies, urban and suburban areas, etc. Unique propagation model tuning capabilities provide for the incorporation of measured signal strength data from your particular service area to fine-tune the model for even more accurate predictions. Having the ability to analyze a variety of wireless technologies, Broadband-eQ can accurately predict the level of service achievable at a particular location, and provide a variety of metrics such as QoS, BER, data rate, and latency.

Loop Qualification

Broadband-eQ is extremely useful for loop qualification functions. By simply entering the street address or geographical coordinates of a particular location, it can determine whether that location can be covered, and at what level of service. Its capabilities also include the modeling of interference from other systems, such as those in adjacent bands, and the ability to generate automatic frequency plans, traffic, and capacity plans.

What-If Scenarios

Broadband-eQ is ideally suited for what-if scenarios, allowing multiple network plans in the same session for easy side-by-side comparisons. When coupled with the appropriate demographic information, Broadband-eQ is a very effective tool for marketing and pre-deployment studies as well.

Broadband-eQ provides extensive output reports in both tabular and graphical formats. These reports include best server areas, signal strength, traffic loading maps, signal margin maps for both the forward and reverse links, frequency plans, and more. Extensive database support provides for the management of all relevant input/output information, including geographical data, antenna patterns, AM towers, demographics, traffic, and overlay output maps.

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