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ACSEL™ Automated Channel Selection

Our Automated Channel Selection (ACSEL) engine is an important piece of our optimization tool. ACSEL provides advanced frequency planning algorithms that yield optimal channel selections through a combination of computational efficiency, a unique approach to the channel selection problem, and the incorporation of over a decade of field experience into the frequency planning process. These algorithms have been implemented in the ACSEL computational engine.

Networks differ greatly in terms of site densities, traffic demands and propagation conditions. Due to these vast differences, the channel selection problem has evolved into one that depends more and more heavily on the individual propagation conditions and characteristics of the network being planned. We account for these effects by offering a suite of algorithms with various degrees of complexity in the ACSEL engine. All our algorithms give rapid results and provide iterative improvements to the results. This approach allows us to obtain solutions to extremely large and demanding problems within minutes.

Solutions have been obtained and implemented for networks with over a thousand sectors requiring more than 12,000 channels. ACSEL optimizes metrics that account for all important factors, such as measured or predicted propagation results, highly non-homogenous traffic demands, spectrum availability, and interference effects from neighboring markets. ACSEL’s speed, ease of use and utility has been unmatched in the industry. The algorithms in the ACSEL engine have been used to periodically retune more than 10 major US markets over the years resulting in hundreds of retunes.

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