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SME™ Automated Frequency Assignment and Deconfliction

Our Spectrum Management Engine (SME) provides automated frequency deconfliction and assignment. Frequency conflicts arise from several factors including harmonic interference, intermodulation distortion, adjacent band emissions, as well as interference due to frequency reuse. Our automated deconfliction and assignment algorithms analyze these effects and yield optimal frequency selection for ad hoc wireless networks.

In the planning of ad hoc wireless communication networks, transmitters and receivers with arbitrary locations form point-to-point links that serve as a backbone network. The spatial separation of emitters and receivers using nearby frequencies cannot be assumed. Operation must be considered without predetermined frequency duplexing, and the existence of repeaters requires special considerations. In addition to full duplex links, simplex links or point-to-multipoint links are possible. Therefore the traditional planning of full duplex links is not applicable. Highly directional antennas can also be a factor, making accurate characterizations of antenna patterns and propagation imperative.

The SME considers flexible network configurations and topologies when analyzing and assigning deconflicted frequencies. All interference effects are considered to form assignments based on planned acceptable levels of interference. This enables frequency reuse when there is sufficient isolation between potentially interfering communications equipment.

The SME obtains solutions to these complex problems in real time for thousands of links. The SME optimizes metrics that account for all important factors, such as measured or predicted propagation results, on-the-move fading effects, spectrum availability, and interference effects from diverse sets of technologies and waveforms. The SME’s speed, ease of use, and accuracy have been unmatched in the industry, providing a means for rapid development of software/hardware tools.

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