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AerialView Update

Release 1.4.6

Release 1.4.6 includes a refinement to the Pattern Editor. In previous versions the horizontal and vertical patterns could be rotated by 90 degrees. In release 1.4.6 the horizontal and vertical patterns can now be rotated by a user specified amount.
NOTE: To apply this update, you must have a full 1.4.X version of AerialView already installed.

Click the link below to start downloading the update package, then do the following:

  • Save the file to a local drive
  • Close AerialView if it is running
  • Run avinstall.exe to start the update process.

Download Update Package

Previous Releases

Release 1.4.4 included a new parameter in the “Structure Electrical Properties” group of the “Supporting Structure Effects” dialog. The Structural Density Percentage parameter defines the amount of material that comprises the structure versus open space (100% being a solid surface and 0% being all open space).

Release 1.4.5 provides refinements to the “Supporting Structure Effects” dialog. The refinements include: the ability to select a “tower” visual texture, the automatic saving of field changes in the dialog for subsequent sessions, and a Reset button to return all fields to their default values.

For example, an antenna mounted on the side of a building with a solid surface would have a Structural Density percentage of 100%. For an antenna mounted on a structure that has gaps, like the lattice work in a tower, you would enter a percentage value that represents the amount of structure material in proportion to open space for the area defined.

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