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Sample Antennas

You can import your own antenna files into AerialView, or follow the link below to download sample antennas already converted to the AerialView format. The files you download are compressed (zipped) files. Download the file, then extract the contents to a directory of your choosing. Review the AerialView documentation for information about accessing the new directory.
Download Antennas

Viewing Antennas Online

You can view the contents of the download online using the online Antenna Browser. The Antenna Browser lists all the antennas in the download, and provides 2D and 3D thumbnail views of antennas. The Antenna Browser also makes it easy to find antennas that fall within a certain parameter range.

For example, if you wanted to find all the antennas in the library that had a gain between 10 and 11 dBd click the link in the column header for Gain and the table sorts all the antennas based on that parameter. When you find an antenna of interest, click the model name in the table, and 2D and 3D thumbnail views of the antenna pattern display.

Click here to access the Online Antenna Browser.

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